Troubleshooting an LED hoop

We build our LED hoops to be durable and have even had a customer's LED hoop fall off a very tall building in Chicago and it still worked. With LED hoops being electronic sometimes random stuff can go on such as a burned out light or a bad resistor. Our LED hoops come with a warranty so we cover any kind of electric glitch that might occur.

First, you'll want to confirm that you have fully charged your LED hoop batteries. You'd be surprised how often people think their hoop is bad and it turns out it's just a low battery or a busted charger. When you put the battery on the charger the light should turn red. Make sure you give your batteries enough time for a full charge, then put the batteries back into your LED hoop to check if this clears up the issue.

If this doesn't fix your LED hoop issue, then send us an email at and we will get your hoop fixed up and sent back to you.

Don't be discourage over a LED hoop issue, be happy that you purchased your LED hoop from a company that is good about serving them.

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